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4K & 5K Footage

The DJI Mavic 3 I use for the job is considered the crème de la crème, most elite, longest flight time running drones EVER. This Golden Eagle aircraft shoots HD up to 5K, including super slow-mo. Your shoot is untouchably covered with a 1M insurance policy. Book now for amazing content!


If you want a digital gem piece of content that is truly unique and valuable to your viewership then look no further. Aerial timelapses will elevate your marketing campaigns and prove to your audience you're one of the cool kids in the biz.  


Your drone footage needs to be finely polished by an artist who truly knows the game. With over a decade of experience in editing, you're going to get the skill, speed and customer service from an ace who's seen it all. 

4K and 5K Footage
Timelapse Photgraphy
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