When I was a kid my mom always shot videos with her gigantic VHS camcorder. The thing was a monster. Years later, a season-ending football injury awarded me the starting job as cameraman. I always liked doing creative stuff and soon I applied it to video. I went to college to learn more about it.

Early on, it was hard to get my hands on a camera so I wrote stories. Anything. Mostly stupid stuff I thought was funny. Eventually, I saved up for a camcorder so I could produce my first scripted video for a Heinz Ketchup commercial contest. I didn't win, but I was proud of it. I taught myself how to edit, too.

Throughout my college media program studies, I did as much as I possibly could to produce video. This included workshops, clubs and internships outside of campus. I was addicted. And so were a lot of other people. Many of them became great friends.  

Since college, I've had amazing production experiences ranging from Hollywood to small towns in NorCal, all the way to New York City. And now, I'm in San Diego where I've been making progress to establish my own production company.